The Investment Strategy

Stonetree’s investment strategy is guided by three key tenets: Manager Selection, Diversified Portfolio Construction and a Strategic Investment Approach.

Manager Selection:  Mr. Casey, the Managing Member of Stonetree, has long-standing relationships with high-quality Fund Managers who knows when Funds are coming to market and is one of the primary investors invited to the new Fund.  Top performing Funds that are often oversubscribed will allow access to Stonetree due to past investing relationships.  Stonetree looks for a combination of qualities in fund managers that include a knowledgeable, experienced and stable management team.  An ability to add value post investment as well as superior investment returns.  Stonetree likes to see a stable and proven investment approach with evidence of value creation through operational improvement.

Diversified Portfolio Construction:  A diversified portfolio is essential in mitigating risk while focusing on superior returns.  Stonetree aims to balance the portfolio with a combination of Venture Capital Funds, Management Buyout Funds, Mezzanine Debt, and Special Situations that include Distressed Debt, Energy, Secondary Offerings and International Partnerships.

Strategic Investment Approach:  The Stonetree Investment approach is comprehensive and unique with an emphasis on small to mid-size Funds that have large enough assets to support their activities but small enough to avail themselves to the maximum number of investment opportunities.  Stonetree’s comprehensive due diligence methodology allows us to verify the General Partner’s records and reputation in order to align the Limited Partners and General Partners interests.  Stonetree’s proprietary deal flow allows the Firm to create a diversified fund of funds portfolio with the goal of achieving superior investment returns.  The very nature of these investment opportunities, illiquid markets with inefficient information, makes Private Equity investing highly rewarding for those investors with longer-term horizons.

Stonetree Capital Advisors’ mission is to provide access to the Private Equity markets to those individuals and firms that cannot access or invest in these markets in an efficient manner. In addition to fund selection, Stonetree provides outstanding due diligence and access to superior partnerships.  Stonetree also provides the oversight needed to monitor all investments on an ongoing basis.

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