Private Equity Investing

Stonetree Capital Advisors create diversified Private Equity portfolios for both separate accounts and a commingled fund. Stonetree Capital Advisors specialize in Private Equity investing through a Fund-of-Funds format. A Fund-of-Funds is an investment vehicle where a fund manager purchases a limited partnership interest in multiple partnerships that are diversified by type, size, geography, and investment style.

At Stonetree Capital Advisors, a Fund-of-Funds is an investment in a well diversified group of private equity partnerships that have historically provided superior returns, as compared to other investment alternatives. Investing in this manner produces very attractive risk and return characteristics. Stonetree typically invests in 12-15 separate partnerships, the average fund will have individual investments in over 250 different companies.

Stonetree Capital Advisors is devoted to assembling a well diversified Fund-of-Funds. Stonetree invests in all major private equity categories (Venture, LBO, Distressed Debt, Energy, etc.). Stonetree selects General Partners whose interests, talents and specialties are as varied as possible. Stonetree diversifies by geography, sector and stage of business. In addition to performance, each General Partnership is chosen for its investment focus – which complements the other partnerships in the portfolio. For Stonetree, the focus on diversification is the most important risk management control.